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Time Social Bar: the Art of Mixology in Venice

A young entrepreneur brings to Cannaregio his creative cocktails, a strong passion and a close attention to the clients.

Dotted with a great number of bacari where to enjoy the mythical ombra di vino, Venice turns out to be lacking in cocktail bars, that mostly belong to luxury hotels and terraces with expensive drink menus. The majority of these bacari also closes quite early, leaving high and dry the poor night owls, who can’t help but fall back on a last home-made drink or a sober night of sleep.

Things are changing though, as there are some pioneers trying to break with tradition and bring on the scene the art of mixology, more and more refined all over the world. Alessandro Beggio, with his Time Social Bar, might be the most shining example.

Finding the location, a cozy space in the heart of Cannaregio at a reasonable rent, it was just one of the several concerns for the young entrepreneur, who had been working for years in the bar and restaurant industry, eventually ending up at the popular Hard Rock Cafe’ as a bartender.

Inclined to work directly with customers, rather than a possible career in a corporation, Alessandro chose to open his own place and follow his personal work philosophy, based on a 360 degree thinking. And while I’m sipping a delicious, revisited Moscow Mule, he explains the fundamentals of his beliefs: “A successful project must involve high quality ingredients, for which study and research are mandatory; a competent, well paid staff, whose happiness is essential to any favourable outcome and, icing on the cake, the clients’ satisfaction”.

At Time Social Bar cocktails are served with a glass of water, even when it’s not expressly requested by customers; while someone manages to promptly change your wet napkin, you will enjoy the freshest cichetti, prepared mixing some creative dressings with the traditional ingredients and happily served by a fun, helpful staff. As far as the drinks, Alessandro is constantly looking for new tastes and aroma, choosing the most sophisticated liquors and reinventing classic recipes that alternate according to the season.

While in the winter whisky based cocktails are dominant, prepared with spices and served hot in some cases (see the Irish Hot Toddy), in the warmer season more or less 40% of the cocktails are rum based. Following his creativity, Alessandro proposes a revisited version of the Moscow Mule, adding a summery blueberry flavor, simply perfect for these warm nights.

The Caribbean Negroni, mixed with rum instead of gin, includes a home-made vermouth: a local Cabernet flavoured with cloves, star anise and licorice. Siroups, bitter and ginger beer are also home-made, while a close attention is dedicated to the olfactory perception, especially in the smoky drinks.

The bar, softly illuminated and really homey, from time to time hosts live music groups and, since last spring, boasts also some tables outside, allowing guests to enjoy the daily life in Cannaregio sestiere, a vibrant borough populated by Venetians and far from the tourist crowd.

Have a Glass in Venice, always aiming to high quality proposals, is happy to include this spot into its Cannaregio offbeat tours.

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