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Wine Tasting in Barrique

Owner of L'Antica Quercia farm and winery in the heart of Prosecco, the Francavilla family started a project that harmoniously connects the man-made with the surrounding environment. From the majestic oak tree (quercia, in fact) that always grew in this place to the local glera vine, brewed with indigenous yeasts, nature has been deeply respected and followed in its rythm. The winery, whose vineyard enjoys the wind blowing from the Dolomites, produces biological prosecco, sparkling, red wine and grappa, all beautifully labeled. Originally from Puglia, the family produces also olive oil and pomegranate juice, that can all be bought by the farm. Guests visiting the winery will be invited to take a walk amid the grapevines and taste the products in a giant barrique once used to contain the aging wine. A fun, incredible way to feel even closer to the surrounding nature! The view from the oak tree over a small, gorgeous lake completes the experience.

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