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Venice Tours

It is not down in any map; true places never are. - Herman Melville

Learning food and wine habits, being able to recognize genuine products, distinguish a typical restaurant from a tourist trap, is an instructive, fun way to approach the city. No one like a local sommelier guide, who walks her city by heart, can better lead you to Venice culinary knowledge, introducing you to the local traditions and the outstanding wines of Veneto region.

Urban Tours

Bacari Tour


The Bacari walking tour will lead you through the narrow streets in order to discover historic wine bars and typical small restaurants called bacari. You’ll be introduced to the delicious Venetian cuisine, tasting local cichetti, a sort of tapas made with typical Venetian ingredients, and wines that made Veneto region widely known in the world. It will be easy to feel a real Venetian, flying from place to place through the narrow streets off the beaten paths, assisted by your personal sommelier guide. Giorgia will be able to introduce you to the most bizarre host, as well as to explain a traditional recipe. A unique opportunity to enjoy the genuine nature of this city.

The tour can be customized upon request.

Lagoon Tours


Venice lagoon is dotted with dozens of islands: some of them as Murano, Burano and Torcello are very popular, others are smaller, scarcely populated or totally desolate. A tour by boat is an excellent way to discover an unusual landscape, an immersion in the silence and the beauty of the unspoiled nature.

* Each tour can be customized according to your preferences. Feel free to choose the islands you’d like to visit. You’ll be driving on a luxury water taxi, covered in the cold season or in case of rain. If you feel more adventurous, you can choose to sail on a traditional wooden boat called bragozzo. This watercraft, used for centuries by fishermen and merchants navigating the northern Adriatic Sea, is part of the history of Venice.

Lagoon Tours

Lagoon Tour off the Beaten Path

Leaving from Fondamenta Nuove, the first stop will be Sant’Erasmo, a somewhat unknown island that has been considered the garden of Venice for centuries. Thanks to the features of its soil, a fertile mix of sand and clay, vegetable farming is the main activity on the island, well known for its Violet Artichoke and covered in vineyards already in 1500. In Sant'Erasmo you'll enjoy the visit to a charming winery that produces a delicious white wine with minimum environmental impact, no weedkillers or pesticides.

The boat tour will continue with a stop in the colorful Burano island, where some women keep alive the delicate tradition of lace-making. On the island, where you'll have a traditional lunch, you shall visit the oldest fishermen cooperative in Europe and learn about the types of fish populating the marine habitat.

The tour will be completed with a stop in Torcello, the earliest center of civilization in the Venetian Lagoon and/or a visit to the island of San Francesco del Deserto, donated in 1858 to the diocese of Venice.


In order to meet your needs, the tour can last 5 or 8 hours (half or full day tour).

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