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Discovering Venice One Bite at a Time:

Wine, Food and Stories off the Beaten Path

Have a Glass in Venice specializes in luxury, unique itineraries that can be customized according to your interests and preferences. Its founder, born and raised in Venice, is an expert guide and a

passionate sommelier who traveled all over the world in order to deepen her wine knowledge and learn to manage personalized, luxury journey experiences.


1. Choose

Choose Venice, not because of its widely known charm, but for its hidden architectural treasures, for the magical lagoon islands, for the proud locals hospitality, for its strong wine and culinary traditions. 

Choose the Wine Regions for a day trip from Venice or for a longer stay: rich of history and century old traditions, they are the ideal destination if you are a wine enthusiast and a countryside lover.

Classes and other activities are recommended to enjoy your experience at its best.


Venice Tours

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