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Founded in 2006, the Barolo Wine Route involves a number of small municipalities contributing to the success of the first wine able to compete with the widely famous Bordeaux production.

Along with the many wineries, the area is dotted with castles, museums and other natural attractions that compose an unforgettable itinerary, both for wine lovers and for curious explorers. The tour includes 2 wine tasting and a typical lunch.


Duration: Full Day Tour (8 hours)


Rich of historical remains and oenologic traditions, this itinerary develops through minor routes, very far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Visiting 2 of the most renowned wineries, with a focus on small, non-mainstream productions, you’ll be introduced to the area where Moscato and Brachetto are born. Lunch will be held in one of the many local restaurants, offering a menu based on strong culinary traditions.


Duration: Full Day Tour (8 hours)


Recognized as the oenologic heart of Piemonte, this area itself covers about 30% of the regional production. The territory generates an excellent variety of products, from the sparkling to the dry whites, from the light reds to the full-bodied ones, along with passito and different kinds of distillates. The tour includes 2 wine tasting and a lunch in one of the many typical restaurants in the area.


Duration: Full Day Tour (8 hours)

Every itinerary can be tailored according to your interest. Contact us to create your exclusive tour.

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