Often immortalized by Italy travel guides around the world, Chianti Classico landscapes are unmistakable and marvellous. Involving 9 municipalities, the Chianti Classico Wine Route boasts some of the historical, artistic, food&wine excellences in all Tuscany. Through hills dotted by antique churches, abbeys, villages, vineyards and olive groves, the itinerary involves 2 wine tasting and a lunch held in a typical restaurant.


Duration: Full Day Tour (8 hours)


Probably the most beautiful countryside in the world, Val d’Orcia is an UNESCO world heritage site since 2004. The Etruscans were the first to import the grapes from the far East to this area, and as of today their descendents still grow the vineyards, passing down this mysterious art through generations and keep drinking Sangiovese wine. The tour includes the visit to 2 wineries and a typical lunch.


Duration: Full Day Tour (8 hours)



Developing between the hills and the Tuscany coastal region, this area was literally the cradle of Etruscan civilization. Here was born the Sassicaia, one of the most awarded wines in the world.

The production boasts a wide range of wines, from charming reds with unique personality to fresh whites and scented passito. We have selected a small, high-quality producer as well as an internationally recognized winery. A typical lunch will allow you to taste some of the exquisite local products.


Duration: Full Day Tour (8 hours)

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