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Carnival Time: a Selection of the Best Fritoea

Getting into the midst of Venetian Carnival, this year from the 7th of January to Mardi Gras, we couldn’t help but publish our personal selection of the best fritola, probably the most representative pastry of the city’s culinary culture. Its original recipe, that dates back to 1300, was passed down through generations thanks to the corporazione dei fritoeri, a corporation of about 70 fritter-makers that disappeared around the end of 1800. Several pastries in Venice keep alive the tradition, each specializing in a particular recipe. Here are our favorites!

TONOLO: in business since 1886, this confectionery is very popular for its custard-stuffed fritole. Located in Calle San Pantalon, Dorsoduro, this place is a historical benchmark for Venetians, not only during Carnival days. Pasticceria Tonolo

ROSA SALVA: this pastry runs its business since 1870, when Andrea Rosa arranged his successful “home-delivery meals” for palaces and villas all around Venice and Riviera del Brenta. Its famous fritola, prepared with raisin and pine nuts, follows the original recipe’s rules. Rosa Salva

NOBILE: historically beloved and attended by Venetians, this bakery stands out for its eggnog-stuffed fritola, a not oily small ball with plenty of delicious cream inside. It is located in the non-touristy sestiere of Cannaregio. Pasticceria Nobile

NONO COLUSSI: located in Calle Lunga de San Barnaba, this pastry has been serving the best Venetian sweets for over 60 years. Its fritola, very soft and donut shaped, is certainly one of the best in town. Dal Nono Colussi

RIZZARDINI: Walking from San Polo towards Rialto, you won’t help but smell it in the air! Rizzardini’s version of the popular treat comes with whip cream. The place, open since 1742, is definitely one of the most historic. Pasticceria Rizzardini

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