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Isla Fontaine's New Opening in Venice

Inspired by the colors of an exotic island and influenced by Art Deco and Contemporary Art, Isla Fontaine opens in Venice thanks to the vision of Eleonora Mayerle, a Venetian resident that believes in the precious value of the Made in Italy.

If most Venetian residents are gradually leaving the city in order to find cheaper accommodations, different job opportunities and an easier style of life, there’s still who takes a chance on it, choosing Venice as the ideal place to live, building a family and even starting a brand new business. This is the case with Eleonora Mayerle who, a few days ago, inaugurated the first flagship store of her brand Isla Fontaine, that sells women accessories projected and manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Located right in the center of San Polo, a sestiere where the genuine character of the city has not been totally spoiled by Chinese bits-and-bobs shops and flocks of hit-and-run tourists, Isla Fontaine is a sophisticate corner that boasts a line of colorful handbags, along with a range of original jewels designed by Eleonora and made by the skillful hands of Italian artisans.

Relying on her past as a curator of Biennale exhibitions, on her multiple experiences in the fields of art and communication and on inspirations taken from her numerous trips to Paris, Madrid, London and Buenos Aires, Eleonora gave birth to a personal project that well sums up her eclectic attitude.

With a strong sense of belonging, she chose to entrust her artworks to talented goldsmiths from Vicenza and leather craftsmen from Naples. In both cases, the labs are leaders in manufacturing and exporting handmade goods for some of the most prestigious Italian fashion houses.

Feisty, original and taken care to the last detail, Isla Fontaine’s creations clearly inspire lightness and happiness, as much as a travel to an exotic island or a walk through the multicolored alleys of Burano. To complete the offer, the concept store also displays design ceramics, original Murano glasses, refined fabrics and stationery and exclusive scents, a further option if you are looking for a unique Christmas present or a personal treat.

Before opening in Venice, Eleonora has been working for about five years on her brand, selling her artworks online and through international stockists: that’s why she can already count on a convincing range of testimonials - friends and celebrities - affectionately named as “Isla’s tribe” and instagrammed on her fun website.

As Venice lovers and big fan of the Made in Italy, we can’t help but wish the best to Eleonora, and include her beautiful concept store into our walking tours off the beaten paths.

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