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Have a Glass in Italy 

Inspired by the successful Venice experience, we are now expanding our tours to other Italian regions. As always, each itinerary will be customized according to the preference of our guests, who will be assisted by a team of specialized local guides in order to live the most genuine experience.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Milan to explore the verdant hills of Oltrepo’ Pavese area, covered in vineyards since the Medieval age. Located at the same latitude as Burgundy and Piedmont, the region is the third largest in the world for the production of Pinot Nero and, in some respects, can be defined as the Tuscany of the north. Cultural attractions such as Pavia historical center, the famous Certosa nearby, several castles, villas and osterie where to stop for a typical lunch, complete the experience. New resorts and restored b&bs are available if you’d like to spend more days in a detox holiday, without losing some special wine tastings.


Whilst on the resourceful Sicily island wine has been grown since the 8th century BC, in the last decades the region became extremely famous all over the world for its mineral whites and its full-bodied reds. Almost 50 native grape varieties and several new blendings are used to make unique Sicilian wines. Departing from major centers such as Palermo, Catania or Taormina, our tours lead to the most renowned wine regions through a landscape made of Greek temples, Baroque towns, charming villages and enchanting beaches, winking at “Idda”, the spectacular volcano Etna.


Dotted with a number of wineries, farms, museums, castles, typical restaurants and enjoyable accommodations, Piedmont is one of the first Italian regions for wine production and one of the best as far as quality. Grapes have been growing here since ancient times and today the cultivation is based mostly on red, indigenous vines such as Nebbiolo, used to produce Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara and Ghemme. Departing from Torino, our tours explore the different wine routes, along with their rich gastronomical varieties, the natural and cultural attractions.


With a breathtaking variety of landscapes, remarkable nature attractions and beautiful medieval centers, Tuscany is probably the first destination in Italy for wine lovers from all over the world.

Wine routes, always properly marked, are so many that a previous organization is mandatory.

Our tours from Florence and Siena can be customized according to the guests’ interests, and with a keen focus on the small productions, in order to escape from the popular destinations and live the most genuine experience.


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