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Get your Fresh Veggies Delivered by Boat from Sant'Erasmo!

Crazily enough, all of a sudden it’s summer and after ice, rain and hailstorms, we look just like butterflies attempting to get out of their cocoons: wrinkled, clumsy and a little shy. In order to stretch out the wings, what’s better than a first float on the marvellous lagoon garden of Sant’Erasmo island? Lying north of the Lido and north east of Venice, this large piece of land for centuries has been supplying Venetians with any kind of fruits and vegetables.

On the island, now inhabited by only 750 people, we met Carlo Finotello, whose family has been farming this land for generations. After studying agriculture, in 1996 Carlo with his brother Claudio founded I Sapori di Sant’Erasmo, a farm that every week, in all seasons, delivers by boat its fresh produce to specific areas in the city of Venice. Relying on the website and the relative application, the users order seasonal vegetables and, one or two times a week, pick them up from the points of distribution. A very efficient method that represents 95% of the company’s total income and one of the farm-to-fork projects that actually works really well, with a number that varies from 200 to 500 loyal consumers.

I Sapori di Sant’Erasmo was able to implement a model that not only has a part in the economy of the city, but also contributes to boost the charm of the island, where several projects of green tourism are currently developing. As a matter of fact, the farm itself is planning to arrange tastings for whoever is interested in exploring the beautiful island and getting directly in touch with the farmers. And as this is one of our favorite places, we are sure nobody would be disappointed by its unique beauty, that can be perfectly enjoyed by bike in the spring days as well as in the colder seasons.

President of Carciofo Violetto association, Carlo, with other 15 associate producers, is also working to protect and improve the quality of Violet Artichoke, a particular specie grown exclusively in Sant’Erasmo and in some other fertile areas such as Vignole, Mazzorbo and Lio Piccolo. Part of the Slow Foods presidia from 2002, the delicious, meaty vegetable belongs to the typical Venetian diet since Doges’ period and became symbol of the island. Prepared according to several recipes, it’s celebrated every year with a culinary event that, in 2018, will take place on May 13 in Sant’Erasmo’s Torre Massimiliana.

We think that being able to buy such earth products directly from producers it is a high privilege for residents and temporary visitors. We strongly encourage to visit Sant’Erasmo, as well as the other lagoon islands, where genuine people such as farmers and fishermen still live in touch with pristine nature and remind us about our cultural roots.

Have a Glass in Venice arranges several, tailored lagoon tours by boat that can include the visit to this beautiful farm and to other places of historical and naturalistic interest.

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