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Ice-Cream at the Sound of Reggae

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Located on a quiet alley in Santa Croce, the tiny gelateria Alaska is an adorable workshop owned by one of the most interesting characters in Venice.

Carlo Pistacchi, wearing a white apron and a little boat-shaped hat, welcomes us with a big smile. He just prepared a delicious peach and lemon granite, topped with mint or basil leaves. He’s pleasant and glad to have a chat, as with all his guests.

At Alaska time stopped: as a matter of fact, Carlo doesn’t have a watch, nor a cell-phone; the ingredients used to knead his artisanal ice-cream are strictly seasonal and inspired by his endless creativity. Gelato trays show many flavours, including rose, ginger, cardamom and saffron, but boast also vegetable-inspired nuances, such as Tropea’s onion, asparagus, green tomato and fennel.

When thirty years ago started the business, Carlo didn’t have any notion about ice-cream. He chose the place by heart, inspired by the previous owner’s sign showing Jamaica’s flag colours: he had always been in love with that far, gorgeous island and its typical reggae music. In a few years “the stamp on the wall”, as Carlo loves to call the microscopic workshop, became his headquarters: 45RPMs on the turntable, plenty of time to create, taste and refine his recipes…

Quickly his amiability and unique personality became popular around the neighborhood, while nowadays any Venetian would mention Alaska as one of the best gelaterias in the city.

There’s more: Carlo is a real entertainer, a wise, mordant man, often keen to conversation, just as old craftsmen used to be in the ancient boroughs.

Stop time then, and get ready to live a fun, exclusive experience: neither flavor enhancers, nor industrial production. Just genuine, tasty titbits, nice music, chats about life, Venice all around you.

Upon request, Have a Glass in Venice arranges ice-cream classes conducted by Carlo and open to groups up to 5 people.

For more info visit:

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