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Materialmente Magic Workshop

A couple of artists works with different materials to create luminous sculptures, abstract shapes and simple, elegant jewels in Venice.

Sperm whales and other golden fishes, floating houses, starry skies and mysterious creatures on tree swings: these are a few objects you can find at Materialmente, a wondrous workshop located in the beating heart of Venice. Founded by Maddalena Venier and Alessandro Salvadori, who luckily met and exchanged their knowledge with no jealousy whatsoever, Materialmente’s charming lab is on the Giudecca island since 2014, although the couple started to work together in 2007.

Both artistically educated, Maddalena is originally specialized in jewellery-making, while Alessandro studied visual arts. Inspired by the combination of materials such as bronze, silver, glass and wood, the couple gave naturally voice to its creative impulse. “This imaginative energy - says Maddalena, sometimes is almost a physical need, and gradually turns into shapes suggested by the surrounding nature, by personal memories and dreams, by the material’s flexibility”.

With no need to exchange words and in perfect harmony, the artists work in their spacious workshop in order to create an intimate relationship between the object and the viewer. Luminous sculptures, abstract shapes and minimal jewels represent most of their production, whose essence is well synthesized in the lab’s name: “Materialmente”, a word that mixes material and mind.

Have a Glass in Venice is happy to suggest this marvelous workshop as a stop in its Venice urban tours.

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