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Musella: a Biodynamic Dream Come True

In the mid 90's, the Pasqua family buys a stunning estate immersed in a secular Valpolicella's woodland, turning it into a biodynamic winery and a luxury relais where to spend fun and relaxing time in touch with nature.

For Maddalena Pasqua, business manager and passionate supporter of the biodynamic approach, Musella estate was love at first sight. Born and raised in Verona, she wasn’t used to live in the countryside. Yet, when in the mid 90’s the father showed her the property he had bought just 20 minutes from the city, she was literally struck by the beauty of the land, a slice of heaven hidden to the most.

Located in the heart of a centuries-old nature reserve, the estate includes a 1500 noble mansion that once belonged to the aristocrat Muselli family. According to local history, the winemaking tradition was enthusiastically started by Cesare Trezza di Musella in the second half of 1800.

When the Pasquas took over the beautiful property, along with 25 hectares of vineyards, relied on this viticultural heritage, beginning a renovation process that upgraded the whole area.

Young and inexperienced, Maddalena embraced the countryside life with excitement and learned how to grow, trim, harvest. Studying and traveling in Italy and abroad, she apprehended different winemaking techniques with unexpected passion until, strongly influenced by Rudolph Steiner’s biodynamic philosophy, she finally developed her own ideas.

Under her well thought business plan and with the help of an advisor, in 2009 Musella converted to biodynamic farming. The method is more of a lifestyle: man himself, rather than a winemaker, becomes a mindful earth assistant.

His responsibility is to ensure that nature follows its own cycle; his task is to make the soil more fertile, maintaining an ecosystem where animals and plants live undisturbed and in perfect balance. The key word is compensation: giving back to nature what it’s been offering in such a long time. According to these principles and the land’s different features, each biodynamic producer

adopts a tailored approach.

Promoting a deep relationship between nature and human beings, Musella country relais offers the possibility to find luxury accommodation in a peaceful oasis, as well as to participate in a range of fun, interesting activities such as bike riding, fishing, truffle hunting or canoeing along the verdant stream Fibbio. Obviously, when you’re done tasting their delicious Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella Ripasso and Bio...

Have a Glass in Venice is glad to include this amazing winery into its wine region tours around the beautiful Valpolicella.

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