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Osteria All'Arco and its Unforgettable Cichetti!

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

"When I'm asked to be interviewed by journalists and food bloggers, I smile to myself and wonder what I could say about the most obvious, natural thing in the world: eating quality food prepared with love and mindfulness". Matteo doesn't have any doubt, just like his grandfather when, coming from Apulia, started in Venice one of the first retail shops for wine and oil. At that time, the modern concept of wine-bar was still unknown by the family, that opened Osteria All'Arco only in 1996.

Nowadays, the place is so popular around Venice that it doesn't need any introduction. Located in a narrow alley close to Rialto bridge, it's attended by locals and visitors who don't mind to be standing in a small room around a crowded counter. As a matter of fact, the quality of cichetti and wine is so impressive that a quick bite is never really enough, and you inevitably end up trying the many varieties of Venetian "tapas" and local wines the cozy kitchen can offer.

If we had to describe in a word All'Arco's food, most probably we should use "seasonal": each and every morning, no matter what, Matteo and his father Francesco get the freshest ingredients from the market, that's just a few steps away. Once a flourishing shopping centre for Venetians and external traders, as the population decreased the market became smaller, currently boasting a number of stalls with raw fish just caught and garden-fresh vegetables. Prices, that's easy to imagine, are generally high, but Matteo likes to repeat that quality has priority here, therefore he is happy to spend a little more in order to surprise the guests with a new cichetto or a traditional dish.

Our wish is to see this amazing place always vibrant as it is every day during lunch time. We love to join its cheerful crowd whenever possible and we like to suggest our guests this spot as part of our Rialto market tours or bacari tours.

All'Arco is open 8 am to 2:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.

For more info visit:

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