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Roncada: the Kingdom of Nature, Women and Children

Lying on the spurs of a hill range, right in the heart of a Collio natural reserve, Roncada estate used to be owned by Austrian princes. Madi Cattaruzzi, the young woman who nowadays runs the winery business, describes the place as a green island surrounded by woods, fruit trees and grain cultivations. In other words, a pristine paradise where, along with other colleagues - women and young as much as she is - Madi continues the work her grandfather started when he bought the land, in 1956.

On a total area of about 45 hectares, 25 are specialized vineyards growing on a marly-arenaceous soil that, along with mild climate and south exposure, make the ideal condition for vine cultivation. Applying the so-called “integrated agriculture”, Roncada staff aims to preserve as much as possible the surrounding environment, following the natural changes of the seasons and keeping a safe habitat for animals and plants that populate it.

As nature can’t be dominated, time at Roncada flows according to its own rhythm. The young, extended family and its children, who at the earliest age are learning the basics of agriculture, eat together sitting at the same table, while projecting new activities such as walks for horse riders and cyclists, wine tastings and educational workshops for the youngest guests.

As far as the grapes, they are exclusively hand-harvested, then selected, gently pressed and fermented at controlled temperature, in order to enhance the must’s natural characteristics and finally produce a high-quality Cru.

The winery’s crown-jewel is the new-born Franconia Blau Principium: a red - pretty rare in the Collio area, that’s widely famous for its white wines! Obtained from an ancient vine cultivated by the Austrian noble family, the macerated wine is protagonist in a number of initiatives that involve women - hosts, bakers, entrepreneurs in general, and focuses on promoting the beautiful Collio region.

Have a Glass in Venice includes Roncada winery in its Collio itineraries, helping you to discover one of the most precious, yet mysterious lands in Italy.

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