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Welcome to Ca' Lustra!

When Zanovello's family, in the 60's, bought this countryside refuge on the Euganean hills, probably didn't expect its descendants would convert it in a farm of 42 hectares, 25 of which are currently covered in vineyards. Franco and his sons Marco and Linda, along with some contributors, run Ca' Lustra winery not only with strenght of purpose, but with an original approach that suits perfectly the soil's unique geology. The territory, a Bio-District and a UNESCO MaB candidate, is characterized by a mix of volcanic ground and calcareous marine sediments that reinforces the wine identity while keeping it simple. The family, at the same time, strives to be extremely respectful towards nature and traditions, growing organically, restoring the ancient terraces and preserving the spontaneous vegetation. This strong winemaking philosophy is accompanied by events that associate wine and arts and take place in a natural theater - Anfiteatro del Venda - created amid the vineyards. Looking forward new challenges, the family is also conducting a study on different varieties of Muscats in Sicily. Have a Glass in Venice invites you to enjoy Ca' Lustra's fantastic view and try its biological wine, proudly part of the Euganean hills' wine road.

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