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A Real Wine & Cichetti Temple

Cantine Schiavi, open in Dorsoduro since 19th century, is not only one of the most emblematic bacari in Venice, it is an autentic legend around here! Strolling into the wine shop and bar I feel at ease, not only as I've known for at least 3 decades the Gastaldi brothers, whose typical moodiness is utterly adorable, but also because I love browsing between their shelves, stocked with hundreds labels of mostly local, excellent wine. In fact, here you can buy a bottle to enjoy at home or savour a glass paired with some cichetti prepared by Sandra (Gastaldis' mom) and very well known for their incredible tastiness. All over the year you can always spot a little crowd chuckling and sipping wine in front of this door, sign of a genuine Venetian scene.

As a personal advise, try not to pop in around closing time (8 pm) or you might incur into brothers' hill temper! ;-)

A crowd of locals and some onlookers usually enjoy aperitivo in front of the wine bar, that offers picturesque glimpse of Venice

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