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OurRustica: Learn to Cook in a Place to Call Home

Take a wonderful spot immersed in the verdant Prosecco hills, a charming ruin out of the GPS radar, a couple of passionate food lovers ready for a life change and a fair amount of hard work. For Ruth and Andrea these turned out to be the right ingredients and a path to happiness. The accurate recipe can’t be revealed and might not work for everybody, as it depends on a number of emotional variables, but we thought their story is worth being told, in case someone would like to follow the example or simply visit this small piece of heaven on earth called OurRustica.

Born and raised in Wales, she attended university in London and after her degree, the talented Ruth moved to Italy for a job in a fashion multinational, a few years later becoming Head of Design. When she fell in love with Andrea, in Treviso, he was an averagely happy business manager with a secret dream and a lot of vivid memories. Growing up in a typical Italian family, he had always been fascinated by the way his grandmother used to put together genuine ingredients and create traditional recipes. Back then, it was a pleasure for him to help her and, later, sit around the table with the whole family savouring that delicious food

As it happens when people understand each other, Ruth, a foodie herself, encouraged her partner to follow his deepest inspiration: soon Andrea decided to turn his life around and pursue a career as a chef. Passionate and determined, after a few years of hard work and study both in Italy and abroad, he started to collaborate with the prestigious kitchens of Michelin starred restaurants and high-end hotels. Despite loving the job, he shortly realized those fast paced environments were not allowing him to keep his high-quality standards, nor to enjoy the family life - his daughter Jasmine was just born and Ruth had left her job at the multinational.

At this exact point the project came to life. Finding a farmhouse to be restored in the charming Prosecco area, the couple started to build their ideal home: a place where to spend a life in touch with nature; a few comfortable rooms where to host friends coming from all over; a large, equipped kitchen where to combine the many ingredients offered by the surrounding land and a long, wooden table to sit around, tasting mouth-watering recipes and feeling just as a family, guests included.

At OurRustica, it’s now possible to book half or full-day cooking classes, as well as to spend a few days at the farmhouse in order to visit the nearby wineries and explore the beautiful region.

Classes are usually customized according to guests’ preferences and skills. While learning how to make pasta and bread or foraging in the Prosecco hills, they’ll realize how a family’s kitchen can be, above all, an opportunity to meet, interact and have fun. While discovering the differences between 10 varieties of tomatoes, they’ll understand Italian cuisine is based on the simple balance between only 2 or 3 ingredients gracefully put together.

According to Ruth’s designer taste, dining tables are beautifully set with candles, flowers, herbs and other natural elements. Rustically furnished, the bedrooms and the other areas are projected in a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature, using materials such as wood and stone, that are never “out of fashion”.

As we did with our last clients, who were really satisfied, we care to suggest this extraordinary experience as an opportunity to approach Italian cuisine in the most authentic way, while getting in touch with special people who’ll make you feel home and at peace with nature.

Have a Glass in Venice is proud to include this experience into its Wine Region Tours.

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