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Tenuta Chiccheri: Hidden Treasure in Valpolicella

Nestled among the verdant hills of unspoilt Val d’Illasi, a wild portion of Valpolicella region, Tenuta Chiccheri is an exclusive estate that might be difficult to reach and, because of this, is even more charming.

Giancarlo Ruffo, a successful entrepreneur from Verona who’s always been deeply attached to the countryside, in the early 80’s bought the farmhouse and turned it into a family retreat, whose 16 hectares surrounding land was covered in woods, fruit trees and olive groves.

With a passion for wine and an understanding for farming practices, Ruffo began to grow his vineyards, taking inspiration from the Chiccheri’s family, whose name most probably derives from the word “chicchera” - old Italian for “cup of coffee”. Starting almost as a hobby, the winery was officially founded in 2003 and currently produces about 50.000 bottles a year. Relying on a calcareous soil, a southern exposure and a certain height above the sea level, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are grown to turn into the classic Amarone and Valpolicella, a white of excellence and some full-bodied sparkling wines produced according to metodo classico.

Greeted by the excellent Giulia Gagliardi, who’s responsible for the hospitality and has been working with the family for a long time, we’ve visited the winery more than once. Surrounded by pristine nature, no wonder why the estate is defined as an enchanting, out of the world place! What’s more important, each step of the delicate transformation process from grape to bottled wine, is led with the greatest attention for quality, a value that for Giancarlo Ruffo has always been a priority.

“True values can’t be bought, they just belong to you all life long” is the inspiring statement you can read on Tenuta Chiccheri’s website. Tasting their wines and enjoying the family’s hospitality, you really feel the love these people put in each and every little detail, realizing that their motto is not just smoke and mirrors, but a true style of life. That’s why we won’t hesitate in recommending this experience to whoever is looking for elegance and authenticity.

Have a Glass in Venice is happy to include this special place into its Valpolicella wine region tours, confident that it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

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