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Wine & Poetry at Gregoletto Winery

In the sleepy village of Premaor, nestled in the Prosecco verdant valleys, the Gregoletto family has been cultivating vines since 1600. Their work from the vines to the bottling is done by hand, artisanally, carefully and patiently, based on oral traditions passed down over the centuries. While the 83 year-old father Luigi represents the tradition, his two dynamic sons, Giovanni and Giuseppe, work hard on innovation. Get caught in conversation with Giovanni, a wonderfully eccentric character who won't only talk about the family's specialties - a semi-sparkling wine made sui leviti or in its lees and a still wine, or vino tranquillo - but will also be happy discussing poetry, music and philosophy. Not just a tasting, but a unique, very recommended experience! Besides white wines from little-known indigenous grapes, Gregoletto produces its own artisanal beer, the Follina, named after a small river in the heart of Prosecco. Let Have a Glass in Venice lead you to discover these amazing vineyards.

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