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Zýmē: between Tradition and Provocation

Celestino Gaspari's Zýmē vineyard, born in the heart of Valpolicella more than 15 years ago, is represented by a logo that itself stands clearly for the company values. A grape leaf overlaps a pentagon, whose five sides symbolize soil, water, sun, vine and man, five elements essential to yield one of the most exquisite wines in Veneto.

The philosophy of Gaspari, a passionate character who learned to work the land according to tradition, sees wine production as research, testing and - why not? - provocation, rather than innovation. In this impressing facility, projected on a 1400 A.C. limestone cave that protects the barriques from solar light and ensures a stable temperature, wine macerates for over three months in Slavonia oak barrels. At Zýmē the values from the past are inextricably linked to the present through science's innovations, and together give life to an extraordinary product. Have a Glass in Venice wouldn't be happier to lead you in the discovery of this excellent wine along with its history!

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