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Venice in Pills: How to Enjoy and Respect it.

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

As we are going through the hottest season, Venice is overcrowded by flocks of “hit and run” tourists that are not well informed about the city and behave as they were wandering in a personal theme park, where every misdemeanor is allowed. We personally suggest to visit our beloved jewel in less busy periods, when you won’t risk meeting people who try to ride bicycles up and down the millennial bridges or, even worse, swim in the Grand Canal.

If you can’t help but explore the city in the peak season, here is a number of essential rules that can help you enjoy it, respecting the life of locals, workers and long time visitors - the lifeblood of Venice.

  • Clean after yourself, minimizing the use of plastic bottles and drinking from public fountains. Avoid any open air picnic and respect the monuments.

  • Absolutely no swimwear, no toplessness (both sexes), no bathing in canals. As the city is made of islands connected by bridges, bicycles, scooters, roller-skates etc. are totally out of place.

  • Walk in the right lane and don’t obstruct the bridges.

  • If you choose an Airbnb accommodation, always take care of the garbage disposal. Given Venice’s structure, this is a crucial issue.

  • Respect the residents: all of them feels a profound sense of identification with the city. As their ancestors, for their whole lives have been walking the alleys, shopping at the local shops, worshipping at the local church. Keep in mind that, as much or little money you can spend in Venice, you are hosted in someone else’s house; remind that many inhabitants don’t benefit directly from mainstream tourism; be aware that Venice is a living, historic, proud city, not an entertainment park.

  • We’ll never be tired to recommend the off the beaten tracks, as the only way to understand the city’s context. Stay longer if you can, explore remote areas of Cannaregio and Castello. Finance permitting, buy handcrafts from local workshops (not always that expensive!); opt for local bakeries and food shops; choose quiet, authentic bacari and restaurants; visit smaller museums. This won’t just help you avoid the uncountable tourist traps, but will also promote a sustainable tourism. When everywhere cheap made-in-China garbage proliferates, Venice’s artisans and entrepreneurs are its only salvation.

On Have a Glass in Venice blog you can find several suggestions on how to enjoy the city at its best, according to simple rules and respecting history and culture.

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