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Vini Prà. Young Workforce and Tradition

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

It is visiting a winery such as Vini Prà that you can realize how much

young workforce is involved into wine industry around Soave and Valpolicella regions – and Veneto in general! Starting from the guide, who kindly introduced us to the company’s history, to end with the modern office, adjacent to the winery and populated by a team of young, enthusiastic people, you really can tell that everything here is a projection into the future.

Counting on this forceful team and following his father and grandfather teachings, owner Graziano Prà was able to increase the value of territories such as Monte Grande and Monte Bisson in Soave and Morandina in Valpolicella. The company’s philosophy can be fully described with the word “purity”, an element that constantly guides its winemaking decisions. And while the cellar boasts the most modern technology, respect for ancient traditions and historical environment are always a priority here.

Working just with indigenous grapes such as Garganega, the company for the first time experimented the “pergola” method and obtained the Recioto di Soave DOCG certification.

Valle di Mezzane in Valpolicella, characterized by white soils made of chalky rock, ancient clay and marine sand, is the new company’s frontier: La Morandina, so is called this 500 metres altitude property, is the ideal environment for an entirely biological product, grown on a pristine soil and difficult to cultivate. Here’s why the result is an incredibly precious grape, whose must and wines have the highest value.

Hospitality has an important role for the company, that aims to guarantee a familiar, welcoming environment. Besides the tasting, paired with typical products and held in the cottage’s living room, the visit can include a stroll through the vineyards, in order to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding hills.

Have a Glass in Venice is happy to include the winery in its Soave and Valpolicella wine tour!

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