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Vino Vero, for Natural Wine Lovers

With a huge selection from all over the world, Vino Vero specializes in natural wines, to be paired with an exquisite assortment of gourmet cichetti.

Nowadays, more and more winemakers are dedicated to produce natural wine, obtained with minimal chemical and technological intervention in both the vines and the cellar. The number of these passionate producers is growing along with a crowd of natural wine lovers, whose knowledge guides them to specialized wine shops and bars.

Venetians, who can rely on many, well stocked wine places, have since 2014 a unique resource: a wine bar that sells exclusively natural wines. Vino Vero, located in Cannaregio, is owned by a small group of associates and run by a knowledgeable staff of young people. I’ve the pleasure to speak with Mathilde Lambert, a Canadian girl who moved to Italy with a sommelier diploma. After a harvest season in a Collio winery, she ended up at Vino Vero, where she also met her coworker and partner Diego Carraro. Along with a few colleagues, they are part of that lively row of bacari down the popular Fondamenta della Misericordia. Except their place is not to be called a proper bacaro.

At Vino Vero you won’t find the classic spritz or the usual cichetti, but a wide range of natural wines from all over the world and some original tapas prepared with genuine and refined ingredients. Their Prosecco, made from Glera grapes, is produced following the traditional method with the second fermentation in the bottle sur lie. Their wines come from many small producers of United States, France, Spain, to name a few, and from different Italian regions, with a keen focus on Collio and in general on the exquisite orange wines.

Many of the products the chef uses are carefully selected by owners and managers, who often arrange expeditions to the countryside, in order to discover special farm cheeses, cured meats, organic and biological ingredients.

The wine bar is usually attended by a cheerful crowd of local and international guests, who choses it as a starting point for a bacari tour or chills out around its small tables on the canal, possibly enjoying the sunset (it is indeed a spectacular location!). During the warm summer nights, as well as in the long winter evenings, Vino Vero takes part of Fondamenta della Misericordia exuberant activity as a cozy, chic place where quality is always guaranteed.

Mathilde loves to work here, because it suits her ecological vision of the world. For now she doesn’t miss Montreal and she’s willing to spend more time in our beautiful Venice. We hope many other young people will be happy to follow her example!

Have a Glass in Venice is proud to include this wonderful stop in its urban tours off the beaten path.

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