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Zardini: Young and Wise

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

When you are born to a Valpolicella vintners’ family and you spent your entire boyhood playing in the vineyards and following closely your ancestors’ hard work, then you know for sure that winemaking job is a matter of genuine passion and utmost devotion. And probably, if you’ve chosen this career, you will excel in it. This is what happened to Pietro Zardini, a young oenologist who, after a degree in Agriculture and a viticulture specialization, started to work for one of the best wineries in Valpolicella as a Technical Director of Production and Quality department.

As his father and grandfather taught him, Pietro believes that wine has to be literally home-made. Recognizing this concept and after a few years of hard work, studies, travels and meetings with the most talented Italian wine makers, he decided to start his own winery in San Pietro in Cariano.

While his 2000 bottles of Amarone are made from a small vineyard and composed of the traditional blend of Corvina (70%), Rondinella (20%), Molinara (5%) and Croatina (5%), his Valpolicella Ripasso involves 15-25 days of traditional fermentation on the skins and subsequent 30 days of “re-passing” on the dried grape skins of Amarone. An exceptional period of time, when compared to other Ripasso labels on the market.

Zardini’s watchword seems to be quality without compromise in every single facet of his job: from the vineyard to the underground cellar; from the production department to the grape drying room; in the wine tasting room as well as in the recently-opened shop.

While the cellar, resembling a stunning modern temple, is evidence of a continuous evolution, Zardini’s wine labels summon a glorious family tradition, depicting Pietro’s father with his historic tractor, driven as it was a wonderful thoroughbred and carefully preserved in the winery’s drying room. Pietro and his talented, passionate staff, have a deep relationship of trust with their clients, often delivering their product in person, even when this entails long trips on vacation days.

Visitors are always very welcome to the winery, that boasts a bright tasting room and a gorgeous outdoor lounge.

With a yearly production of 45,000 bottles and incredibly reasonable prices, Pietro Zardini rises like a real gem between the many wineries of Valpolicella region. Have a Glass in Venice is proud to introduce you to this great winery, selected to be part of the Valpolicella wine tour.

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